The first Kährs product received the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in 2013 and Kährs last year managed to renew its ecolabel license and certification. Today more than 180 Kährs wood floors are labelled. 


The Nordic Swan Ecolabel continue providing strong support for Kährs sustainability work

Kährs, a leading manufacturer and distributor of flooring, has been a front runner in receiving flooring certifications by third party organisations. One of the most respected labels is the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the official ecolabel of the Nordics. Kährs was one of the first wood flooring manufacturers to get products certified in accordance with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and today more than 180 Kährs wood floors are labelled.

The first Kährs product received the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in 2013 and Kährs last year managed to renew its ecolabel license and certification. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the only certification that is designed to help customers make informed responsible purchase decisions and Kährs is devoted in assisting its customers to choose the most sustainable floor.  

Benefits of an eco-labelled wood floor:

  • Contains raw materials from sustainable forests
  • Meets tough demands on health and environmentally hazardous substances
  • Guarantees low emissions and a good indoor air quality
  • Is produced in an energy efficient way
  • Helps consumers and professional buyers to choose environmentally sound products

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is a Type 1 ecolabel (ISO 14024) which includes the world’s most credible and tough environmental labels to be granted. Type 1 is a certificate that the products meet the environmental requirements set by a third-party agent, that the requirements are continuously renewed and increased and are developed with respect to the entire life cycle perspective of the products. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Kährs are both focused on several of the UN Development Goals for a Sustainable Future (SDGs) for example, contributing to biological diversity and ecosystems, access to clean water and non-toxic environments.

“We have integrated sustainability throughout our operations, and we have an ambitious sustainability agenda, including a special focus on selected SDGs. The fact that so many of our wood floors are Nordic Swan Ecolabelled is a proof of that we are continuously reviewing and improving our operations to meet the sustainability requirements, which in turn challenges us to find new ways to contribute to a more sustainable society”, said Charlotta Persfell, Chief Marketing Officer at Kährs.

”Our work is aimed at contributing to well-functioning consumer markets, and an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable consumption. We have collaborated with Kährs for several years, and their many eco-labelled products is the result of their efforts to meet all strict criteria and requirements needed for the certification. We are also happy to announce that Kährs will be part of a national campaign promoting making sustainable choices in everyday life, launched by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel,” said Josephine Jansson, Advisor Ecolabelling Sweden.  

Kährs will be present at the fair at Stockholmsmässan, Hall A, stand A15:13 on February 4-8, and Josephine Jansson from the Nordic Swan Ecolabel will be present at the Kährs’ booth on February 4th and 6th between 10.00 and 12.00. Josephine will be able to provide information on the Nordic Swan’s work and the process of receiving certifications.

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