Kährs has introduced a recirculation program with the ambition to minimize Kährs Zero waste to the point of being non-existent. This by reusing installation waste, in combination with production waste to be recycled as content in new flooring products.​

The program has, in a first step been introduced in Sweden with the intent to cover other European markets when possible.​

This is an easy way for you to join the movement of recycling flooring material, contributing to your sustainability targets and ambitions.​​

If you are a Swedish installer, you can collect the Kährs Zero installation waste and send to GBR for recycling – it’s as easy as that.



Zero’s high durability ensures, not only a long lifetime of the floor but also reduces the need for repairs or replacements which otherwise would generate a need for new material


Converting production- and installation waste into new floors with the Kährs Zero Take-Back Program “ZERO WASTE”


Recycled content in newly produced Zero floors reduces the need of new raw material, thereby promoting circularity​.