Inspired by nature.

Designed by expertise.

It can take centuries, even millennia, for nature to create the beautiful expressions we see in materials such as wood and stone. The knots, cracks and furrows reveal secrets from the material’s past and create unique features that harmonize perfectly with our human spirit.

At Kährs, we’ve worked with wood for the past 160 years and with Kährs Impression, we’ve made use of our experience and expertise to perfectly recreate what nature has designed. All in a material that’s made to withstand the everyday wear of a lifetime of living.  

For impressions that last a lifetime


Performance & aesthetics

Family, dogs, dirty shoes and rattling claws. We know that floors in most modern homes are subjected to a variety of challenges. This is why we’re proud to introduce Kährs Impression – the perfect choice for anyone wishing to combine equal parts performance and aesthetics.  

  • Can be installed with underfloor heating
  • Vinyl and crushed stone-core provides excellent strength and stability
  • IXPE Sound-reducing backing, 20 dB
  • Phthalate-free
  • Made to withstand a lifetime of living

Timeless, modern elegance

With our Impression vinyl floors you can choose between natural wood or stone designs. From light to dark. Oak to granite. Subtle to daring. Expressing a timeless, yet modern elegance that’s perfectly in tune with the strong, Swedish design legacy.

  • Natural colours and designs
  • Registered Embossing recreates knots and furrows with utmost accuracy
  • Pleasant and comfortable under foot
  • Extra large plank and tile formats



Our Impression vinyl floors comes in extra large formats. The wood collection consists of planks measuring 220 x 1829 mm and the stone collection comes in tiles measuring 457 x 914 mm. Apart from generally enhancing the natural impression, these larger formats also make smaller rooms feel larger
and give larger rooms an imposing, elegant look.  


The 5G Click system makes Kährs Impression vinyl floors easy to install, even with underfloor heating. All you do is align two units and click them simply and safely in place. As the floors are water-resistant, they’re perfectly capable of handling everyday challenges while at the same time being easy to care for - a vacuum or a mop and a bucket will do just fine when the need arises.

  1. Ceramic coating
  2. Wear resistant layer
  3. Decorative layer
  4. Rigid core – SPC
  5. IXPE Sound-reducing backing, 20 dB