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Warranty for Kährs wood floors | Kährs

One of the factors that make nature so beautiful is the constant variation. You can't find two trees that are the same. Therefore, the appearance
of the boards we use in our wood floors also varies.

It’s not a promise – it’s a guarantee

Quality that will last. How long will a parquet floor last? Not even an expert can be sure just by looking at it. But now you can be sure with Kährs. No one gives you a more comprehensive guarantee than we do. That’s because there is only one way to manufacture parquet flooring with the quality that Kährs insist upon.

Hundreds of people and thousands of eyes scrutinise every piece of wood that goes into Kährs parquet flooring. They select the trees in the forests, guide the saw blades in our saw mills, examine each board to find the perfect raw materials and inspect every inch of flooring before it is delivered. Of course, we have high-tech machines – but we still rely on the human eye to match the different hues, structures and qualities that make Kährs parquet unique. And we do it because that is the only way we can guarantee you will still be just as happy with your floor in thirty years from now.

People like us, who have been working with wood for generations, are not as tolerant as Mother Nature. We know that the natural fibres in wooden flooring cannot be allowed to swell and shrink with the changing seasons as they do out in the wild. That’s why we bond layers of real wood at right angles to one another to build parquet flooring that will keep its shape in all weathers, all year round.

In 1941 Gustaf Kähr, from the third generation of a Swedish timber-processing family, patented this construction which ever since has formed the basis for Kährs parquet flooring.

The joints, adhesive and lacquer have been gradually perfected over the years, but it is still the expert eyes of hundreds of experienced men and women, selecting and inspecting a genuine wood product, that make sure that Kährs parquet is quality parquet.

Kährs has been manufacturing multi layer wooden floors of the highest quality for more than 70 years.

We are very proud of our products, which have a factory surface treatment and a wearing layer which can be re-sanded several times.

Together with a complete care and maintenance programme, this allows Kährs to offer a wear warranty. This warranty is an improvement on the rights enjoyed by the customer in accordance with current national consumer legislation and without prejudice to statutory implied conditions and warranties.

Our warranties


12 years Warranty

This warranty is valid for 12 years for our 7 mm products in our collections Dwell, Living, Lodge and Habitat. From the date of purchase.

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15 years Warranty

This warranty is valid for 15 years for our 7 mm Life products.

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20 years Warranty

This warranty is valid for 20 years for our 13 mm multi-layer parquet and 10 mm products in our collections Unity and Rugged. From the date of purchase.

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25 years Warranty

This warranty is valid for 25 years for our 13 mm products in our Canvas Collection. From the date of purchase.



30 years Warranty

This warranty is valid for 30 years for our 15 and 20 mm multi-layer parquet and our 9-11 mm products in our collections Herringbone, Piazza, Studio, Gallery and Atelier. From the date of purchase.