Relaxed, yet refined, light wood floors create a perfect canvas for showing off your furniture and the design features of your home. They also add instant light to any interior. Our light floors come in a wide variety of shades, from floors with a hint of crisp, cool whiteness, to warmer white shades.


Summer house with warm white wood floors

Set amid rolling Mallorcan hills, you will find a house that is a perfect example of blissed-out summer living. This sun-drenched retreat filled with natural light has been simply decorated with warm white wood floors, and exposed dark wooden beams in homage to traditional Spanish interiors.

The house, enveloped by a scented garden adorned with a cobalt blue swimming pool, is a sanctuary for its owners who enjoy an indoor-outdoor lifestyle throughout the summer months. The colourful setting is offset by a calm and sparsely furnished interior with white walls and warm white floors to provide a cool contrast to the blazing sun.

The open-plan living space retains many of its original characteristics, featuring exposed beams in the Mediterranean style. The airy rooms painted in white are filled with furniture made from reclaimed materials and pieces of local handcraft, with a few accents in muted colours. The interior exudes a sense of peace and calm, further enhanced by the warm white wood floors.

Floors chosen for this home:

Corridor and bedroom: Powder Oak. The blanched oak boards of this single-strip, stained floor range in colour from creamy white to heather grey. The matt lacquer finish eliminates glare. Each board is carefully brushed to highlight the natural texture of the wood.

Hallway: Oak Rügen. This singlestrip white-stained oak floor features dramatic knots and cracks, creating a rustic look. The soft and silky surface is brushed and then treated with oil to enhance the natural wood feeling.

Kitchen and living area: Oak Klinta. The transparent white stain on this single-strip oak floor creates a natural pale impression. Each board is meticulously handscraped and brushed to highlight the knots and the balanced rustic appearance of the floor.

Powder Oak
Powder Oak