The healthy environment is important to the growing child. Many preschools in Sweden are actively promoting a non-toxic environment for the kids. Upofloor Zero contract sheet is free from PVC, phthalates, chlorine, plasticizers and heavy metals, and is therefore an excellent choice for flooring material in the preschool environment.

Location Sweden, Höganäs

Chosen flooring


ZERO Sheet 5752 Blue MoonZERO Sheet 5763 SpruceZERO Sheet 5759 DenimZERO Sheet 5704 Stone GreyZERO Sheet 5762 Thorn AppleZERO Sheet 5714 Ice GreyZERO Sheet 5703 Pewter
Floor area 700 m² (Eleshult preschool) + 1000 m² (Kruset preschool)