After this long career, Marco Antino, decided to create a new proposal for a more democratic palate. The idea is to satisfy the more casual palate. Also to Italians living in the Peru, and those who enjoy Italian food. The name of the restaurant is its etymology, since Convivium means participate in a feast, drink wine, celebrate something. I.e., it has the same meaning as Symposium (in Greek), his signature restaurant (voted the best Italian restaurant 5 years in a row).

Marco, 45, Italian born “food artist” created an Italian corner in downtown San Isidro, the most exclusive neighborhood in Lima, Peru. Convivium, guarantees the authentic Italian recipes and flavors. Special and rare ingredients are flown directly from Italy, as well as the most sophisticated Italian wines; some of which cost over $5,000.00 a bottle.

Decoration and design was extremely important. Every single details was carefully selected. Top european brands were chosen to be part of this venture.

Marco, after reviewing several options decided to install Kahrs Supreme Grande Casa. Kahrs Casa is the protagonist of the restaurant and mandates the decoration and color of the walls and furniture, specially brought from Italy. Presently Convivium is fully booked weeks in advance, making it a must for all traditional Italian food lovers.


Location Peru, Lima
Chosen floor Casa Oak
Floor area 150 m²