With all our knowledge and passion for wood we wanted to use this expertise to merge design with innovation and create new possibilities. The beautiful wood design and versatile function in our Luxury Tiles Click gives you a floor beyond expectations.

These three collections come in warm light, modern and natural colours in line with the interior design trends. With this new launch, you have the chance to win a floor from one of these collections


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The Breeze Collection is inspired by the subtle variations in nature painted by the wind.

The collection consists of six modern and beautiful colors, in an inspiring range from sandy tones transitioning into darker shades, creating both depth and calm.


Left: HANMER | Right: FONTIN

The serene color scale and the soft and natural tones create an inspiring and versatile foundation for a modern home. The look and feel of the design has been created to reflect a calm look of wood with less knots and cracks but with a variation in grain which creates a soft contrast. With a micro-bevel on all edges the one-strip plank design has been accentuated to add that extra touch to your home.


Nature is loaded with hues and variations and that has inspired us to create the Kährs Luxury Tiles Nature collection.

The collection’s color scheme sweeps through nature and comes in seven vibrant colors.





The different tones and nuances have gathered its inspiration from the crispy and bright shades found in widespread dunes, the golden afternoon light and the deep earthy tones found in a dense forest.The design has been created to give a lively look of wood with subtle yet obvious graining, cracks and knots. The one strip-plank design has been accentuated with a micro-bevel on all edges which creates a premium effect.




The handcraft has been a part of our DNA since day one and having our roots in the Nordics makes it easy to be inspired by the nature that we live in. With gratitude for our heritage, we introduce The Nordic Classic Collection.

In a wide range of nine grounded colors, the collection reflects the diverse landscape of the north. The shades and nuances have gathered their inspiration from the light dunes, long coastlines, deep forests, and high mountains found in our northern landscapes.



Through syncrone embossing, we have created a dynamic design which enhances the feeling of a rustic and lifelike structure of the floor. Obvious graining, cracks, and knots are skillfully reproduced in the one-strip plank, and the effect is salient. Our Nordic Classic Collection feels true to nature and offers excellent versatility which fit all contrasts of life.


With over a hundred years of knowledge and passion about working close to nature, using, and refining its’ raw material, we know what wood means to people. Just as much as we value traditions and feel proud of our heritage in the craft, we are also strongly motivated by our desire to exceed expectations.

We continuously strive to develop, improve, and make tomorrow’s range of floors even better. With all our knowledge and passion for wood we wanted to use all our expertise to merge design with innovation and create new possibilities. The beautiful wood design and versatile function in our Luxury Tiles Click gives you a floor beyond expectations.


  • Ceramic coating: is a kind of UV-cured laquer, that gives exellent scratch resistance and seals the surface against stains, chemicals and dirt. Not at least, it gives the surface a matt, durable and very authentic look.

  • Wear resistant layer: is a transparent layer that gives protection against wear and tear of the decorative layer (the color), such as very deep scratches, furniture legs moving across the floor surface over and over again.

  • Decorative layer: is where the design of the floor is stated. This is an printed foil, where the color, knots, grains, etc. is design to make it a uniqe Kährs floor.

  • SPC substrate: is the core of the tiles and planks. The core material can be mixed to different recipes, that gives different characteristics, such as the rigid core of Kährs LT SPC. It is this layer that gives the stiffness, low indentation, click profile, stabile platform and the SPC.

  • IXPE Sound reducing backing: are the layer that gives sound reducing properties (dampens vibrations), walking comfort and also helps to evens out small deviations on the subfloor.