A whiter shade of pale

A whiter shade of pale


On the marble mountain

This house is unlike anything you have ever seen before. It is not only a stunning piece of architecture, but also something of a technical marvel. Built on, or rather into, the side of a “marble mountain”, the striking structure appears to be a natural part of the rugged scenery, jutting out from the hillside.

White dominates the whole interior

The “raw” marble wall is visible on both floors of the house – in the kitchen on the ground floor and in the bath and shower room on the second floor. White dominates the whole interior. Most walls, other surfaces and furniture are white, just like the wood floors. All rooms in the house have a spectacular view of the valley below. It can be admired from the living area, as well as from all bedrooms.

On the second floor, the architect-owner has built and incorporated machinery that can lift the roof some 2–3 metres to allow the soft summer breeze to sweep through the house like a wonderful and natural air conditioning. The interior, sparingly furnished, is also a display ground and gallery for some modern sculptures designed by the lady of the house. 

The spectacular round staircase in red and white is a piece of art in itself.