There are many ways to lay wood flooring. For years floors were glued into place, but now most wood floors have interlocking mechanical joints – so called click-lock flooring. Kährs was the first manufacturer in the world to offer a glue-free joint system, Woodloc®. We are always developing techniques for easier laying of wood flooring.


Kährs joint systems for wood flooring

Wood flooring has had a place in our homes for many centuries. But with advances in technology, today’s wood floors are very different both in how we manufacture, treat, colour and lay them. In the past you would glue floors into place, but in 2000, Kährs launched a unique solution - a mechanical and glue-free joint, Woodloc® 2000. A technique that meant you could lay flooring much faster and with perfect results. These easy-to-lay interlocking wood floors are often called click-lock or click floors.

Today, we offer wood floors with different types of joint systems. Both click-lock floors with mechanical joints and traditional tongue and groove joints. Below, you can read more about the different joints our floors use.

Woodloc® 5S

In 2009 Kährs introduced Woodloc 5S®, its latest innovative, glue-free joint system. Today, it is the strongest joint on the market. Thanks to a special locking mechanism, wood floors with Woodloc 5S® are both fast and easy to lay. The joint system is resistant to changes in temperature and humidity and it doesn’t leave any gaps between the floorboards. If laid floating, floors with these joints are easy to take up. Most of our lamella floors have this joint system.


In 2000, Kährs was the first manufacturer in the world to release a completely glue-free joint system. Like its successor 5S, Woodloc® is 100% mechanical. It is fast and easy to lay and resistant to temperature and humidity changes. Kährs veneer wood floors come with this joint solution.

Tongue and groove

Some Kährs floors still have a classic tongue and groove joint. Unlike the Woodloc systems, you need to glue these joints.

Wood flooring from Kährs

Below is a selection of wood floors from Kährs. You can view all our wood floors in our floor guide.