One of the many advantages of Kährs Luxury Tiles vinyl floors is that they are durable and easy to care for. We’ve gathered some valuable tips and advice for simple care and maintenance to help you keep your new vinyl floor looking as beautiful and fresh as possible for years to come.

Protect your vinyl floor from dirt


Leave gravel and sand at the door

85% of all dirt comes from outside. Preventing it from getting inside by using, for example, a quality doormat, extends the lifetime of your vinyl floor. Vacuum often so that gravel and other potentially damaging materials don’t remain.


Avoid scrapes from furniture

Dragging furniture can scrape even the toughest of vinyl floors. Using furniture pads and similar protectors for chair-, sofa- and table legs is an effective way to prevent scrapes and wear.


Clean light-coloured vinyl floors often

Naturally, vinyl floors in light colours will show dirt sooner compared with dark floors. We therefore advise that you clean them more often in order to maintain that fresh look.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning Kährs Luxury Tiles vinyl floors

For daily cleaning, both dry and slightly damp mops are effective, while gentle on the vinyl floor’s protective layer. Remember to first vacuum up the larger dirt particles before mopping to avoid unnecessary wear on your vinyl floor. For tougher grime, a pH-neutral cleaning solution may be added.

Download our maintenance guide for Kährs vinyl floors

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Stain removal

If something is spilled on your vinyl floor, wipe it up immediately. If a stain has set, you may need to use cleaning products. Here you’ll find examples of different types of stains along with cleaning products that can be used to remove them. Make sure no cleaning product remains on the floor after the stain has been removed. Never use strong solvents such as acetone or thinner and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use and amount.


Grease, chocolate, juice, coffee, egg: Neutral or alkaline cleaning product mixed with lukewarm water

Asphalt, oil, rubber, soot: Chemically pure petrol or white spirit

Stickers, glue: Chemically pure petrol or denatured alcohol

Blood: Cold water

Stool, urine, sick: Neutral cleaning product mixed with lukewarm water

Rust: Neutral cleaning product mixed with lukewarm water

Ink, lipstick, chalk, crayon: Chemically pure petrol or white spirit

Chewing gum, candle grease: Chill with cold water or ice and carefully scrape off