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We recommend visiting one of our retailers, as nothing can replace the experience of seeing and feeling our floors in real life and getting a true grasp of Kährs floors quality and beauty. Kährs has many knowledgeable dealers in UK and Ireland. Find the dealer closest to you via a location or search for your postal code or city.

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Across the UK & Ireland, we have appointed specialist retailers and limited online dealers that can guide you to your perfect Kahrs floor. If your home or project is contemporary or traditional, a Kahrs flooring retailer or authorised online dealer can assist you with everything from design options, to installation and maintenance advice.

Please note: Kahrs UK supports the sale of its residential products to customers through a dedicated network of independent and national retailers along with accredited online dealers, all who provide a professional and expert service. We are unable to offer warranties on Kahrs products when purchased outside of our network of recognised and fully trained retailers and online dealers.

Lifestyle flooring ( Luxury Flooring ( and Flooring Yorkshire are not customers of the Kahrs group and we do not supply Kahrs products to these companies directly. Kahrs have received numerous issues and negative feedback about their trading practices and we would like to bring this to your attention. Purchasing Kahrs flooring products from either of these companies is entirely at the risk of the consumer. Kahrs are not able to advise on the quality of product or service provided by this company. As we do not supply products to this company, Kahrs unfortunately will not support warranties or provide after sales support for products purchased. This does not affect your statutory rights.