Here are some points for choosing a wood flooring from Kährs. Wood is the most environmentally friendly, most beautiful and versatile flooring material available. Wood gives warmth to the most minimalist interior, while enhancing the impression in a more traditional interior. And while trends come and go, quality and style are never out of fashion. That's why a Kährs wood flooring will always feel just right. Kährs stands for quality, design,
innovation, environment and sustainability.

Number 1 - A long tradition

Oldest and most innovative

Kährs is the oldest wood floor manufacturer in the world still in operation, with a history dating back to 1857. Meanwhile, it is also the most innovative with a tradition of leading the development of the modern parquet floor.

Kährs was founded as a family business more than 160 years ago in a sustainable way. In the small town of Nybro in southern Sweden – a region known for its wild beauty, rugged scenery and dense forests.

Oaks from next door

A major part of the raw material we use to produce our wood floors grows next door to the main production plant in Sweden; an area rich in oak and where more trees are planted than harvested. This provides an opportunity for us to control that the oak logs are produced in a sustainable way.

Number 2 - Most innovative

The first engineered floor

In 1941, Kährs was granted a patent for a multi-layer wood flooring construction – the world’s first engineered wood floor. The construction ensures that the floor remains intact despite seasonal fluctuations of humidity.

The best joint system

In 1999, Kährs was the first floor manufacturer to introduce a mechanical glueless joint system – the ingenious Woodloc® system. This system revolutionized the wood flooring market. With the Woodloc® 5S joint, the system has been even further perfected.

High performance surface

Kährs has put a lot of effort and research into finding surface treatments that are strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear, but thin enough to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. All our surface treatments are naturally free from solvents, formaldehyde and isocyanate.

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Number 3 - Endless design options

Endless variations

Whatever the size of your room or interior style, there’s a Kährs floor that will enhance the space. The floors come in a great variety of colours and species, sizes, patterns and finishes.

Nature oil or lacquer

The ultimate feeling and look of the floor depends on the surface treatment. Kährs provides several options. The silk matt lacquer gives the floor a smooth surface, and the ultra matt lacquer will make it appear untreated, while the nature oil gives the floor a wonderfully natural feeling.

Sense and sensibility

Brushed, handscraped, bevelled, silky smooth or ultra matt. Each Kährs plank is unique and individually treated, according to its own unique composition of knots and graining.

Number 4 - Beauty with a conscience

Green product

Kährs multi-layer construction means that the wood raw material is utilized as efficiently as possible. At the plant in Nybro nothing goes to waste. All our wood waste, such as bark, saw dust and wood chips goes to a local energy company. About 6,150 Swedish homes a year enjoy the warmth of our recycled wood.

Ecological approach

Kährs Swedish heritage characterizes everything the company stands for, from high regard for quality and design to concern for the environment. It earned the company an ISO 14001 environmental management certification more than a decade ago.

Clean production

Kährs production process has been designed to have minimal impact on the environment. Over the years, the company has introduced a number of manufacturing and flooring innovations that have enabled a more responsible, green production.

Number 5 - Satisfaction guaranteed

Trust your floor

Kährs has been manufacturing quality, multi layered wood floors for more than 60 years – floors that have been perfected over the years. This means that we can offer more extensive guarantees than any other wood floor manufacturer. Combined with a complete care and maintenance program, Kährs offers a guarantee of up to 30 years.

Works well with underfloor heating

Kährs floors works perfectly well combined with underfloor heating. One reason is the strong Woodloc joints, another the stable and well-balanced construction of the board.

Number 6 - Complete system

A complete system

Kährs offers a complete flooring system where every detail – from skirting to the wide range of installation and maintenance products – has been designed to enhance the beauty and strength of the floor.

The perfect finish

The smallest things often make the biggest difference. This is true of a Kährs floor, where the highest level of skill and craftsmanship is added to every detail, including the skirting boards and different types of mouldings.

Care and maintenance

Kährs Care and Maintenance range covers all you need for daily care as well as regular maintenance of the floor. It also includes products for a damaged floor.