One of the factors that make nature so beautiful is the constant variation. You can't find two trees that are the same. Therefore, the appearance
of the boards we use in our wood floors also varies.

Design guide

Brushed, bevelled, distressed, matt or gloss. Our long experience in producing wood floors means that we can manufacture flooring with a variety of looks, expressions and styles.

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Kährs engineered wood floors come in three different constructions: 3-layer, 2-layer and veneer. What to choose depends on whether you want to be able to re-sand the floor - and whether the best option is to install the floor floating or glued-down.

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Joint systems

Kährs engineered wood floors come with three different joint systems: Woodloc® 5S , Woodloc® and tongue & grove.

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Wood facts

Kährs wood floors come in a variety of species. Apart from looks, wood species also vary in durability, hardness and how they react when they are exposed to normal sunlight.

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