A wood floor is always smooth and warm to walk on. But the overall experience both in terms of feel and appearance depends on
the surface treatment.

The surface is what your eyes see and your feet feel. Trust your senses. All of our wood floors are smooth and warm underfoot, but a floor’s individual appearance and feel will ultimately depend on the finish and surface treatment that you choose. Your preference regarding look, feel and function will help you make the right choice.

The surface of the floor is, visually, the most important part of a floor. As a result, all Kährs surface treatments are strong enough to withstand even the toughest daily wear and tear, yet thin enough so as not to disguise the wood’s lustre.

Kährs offers several types of surface treatment. A lacquered surface makes the floor easier to clean. Oil, meanwhile, brings out the fine structure and grain of the wood and enhances its natural colour.

All Kährs surface treatments are solvent-free. In 1984, we were the first flooring manufacturer to implement an entirely solvent-free production process.

Satin lacquer

Our satin lacquer complements the wood’s character by accentuating its natural structure. It also makes the floor more hardwearing and easier to clean. Meanwhile, our lacquer is one of the thinnest on the market and does not conceal the natural lustre of the wood.

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Matt lacquer

The subtle finish of our matt lacquer produces a bare wood look, as it the floor was left untreated, or treated with oil. The soft, natural surface is pleasant to walk barefoot on. Matt lacquer is as hardwearing and easy to maintain as satin lacquer. A matt surface is coarser than a satin surface.

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Ultra-matt lacquer

Wood treated with our ultra-matt lacquer feels and looks as if it was made from untreated, newly sawn timber, but has a strong, yet silky and invisible shield against wear and tear. The ultra-matt surface is coarser than a matt surface.

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Kährs oil gives your wood floor a natural and beautiful look. Oil brings out the fine structure and grain of the wood and enhances its natural colour. Please note that floors should be oiled immediately after installation and then regularly maintained with Kährs Satin Oil.

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High gloss lacquer

The high gloss lacquer gives your wood floor a shiny, polished look and provides a reflecting surface. It offers an exciting alternative to more conventional wood floors.

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