Wood is a living, breathing material so your wood floors need some love and care. Find out how to clean your floor to keep it fresh and durable for longer. Get simple tips and tricks to care for your parquet flooring here.


Removing stains from wood floors

When it comes to cleaning wood floors, dry over wet is a good rule to follow. We recommend that you regularly vacuum or dry mop your wood floors. If you need to wipe off stains, use a well wrung-out cloth or mop. If your floor dries within a minute or so after cleaning, you know you’ve used the right amount of water.

Some woods, like beech or Canadian maple, are more sensitive to moisture than others. When cleaning sensitive floors, use water-based cleaning products in moderation. If you have light coloured wood flooring, clean more often to avoid wear.

For best results use a product like Kährs Cleaner, which you dilute with water. Use it, or the ready-mixed Kährs Spray Cleaner, together with our spray mop.

Removing stains from wood floors

If you get stains on your wood floors you should remove them as soon as possible. Avoid strong solvents containing ammonia as they can cause unnecessary wear. You should never use soap to clean your wood floors as soap leaves a coat of grease that can make it hard to clean. Kährs Cleaner diluted with water works very well for removing stains on most wood floors.

Stains on oiled wood floors

When removing stains from oil-finished wood floors you should be extra careful. Strong solvents combined with hard polishing can affect the colour of the floor. When you’ve removed the stain, re-oil the cleaned surface with Kährs Satin Oil. If there’s a colour difference, you can use Kährs coloured Touch-up Oil to even it out.

Stains on lacquered wood floors

As with oiled floors, you should take extra care when cleaning stains on lacquered wood floors. Excessive rubbing and strong solvents can damage the finish.

Maintaining your oiled wood floor for easy cleaning

We recommend you give newly laid oiled wood floors a maintenance treatment straight away. To keep them as fresh as possible you should treat oiled floors about once a year. You will know if your oiled wood floor needs treating if it feels difficult to clean. Read more about maintaining parquet flooring here

Tips for protecting your wood floors

  • Place a door mat both inside and outside your front door. This will keep out most of the gravel and dirt that can scratch your wood floors
  • Sweep up any gravel and larger pieces of dirt before vacuuming or mopping to avoid scratches 
  • Use protective pads on any furniture that is in direct contact with your wood floor. Choose pads made of soft material, like felt, that won’t mark the floor
  • If you spill water on your wood floor, wipe it off right away to avoid water stains

Cleaning and maintenance product for wood floors

Below are some of our recommended cleaning and maintenance products for wood flooring. Looking for a specific product? See all our products here.