Discover tips and methods to keep your wood floors beautiful and durable longer. Our floors can be finished to decrease the risk of scratches and stains. Find out all you need to know to give your floors the care and protection they deserve.


Maintain your wood floors

Our wood floors have very durable finishes that protect from scratches and dirt. To keep the floor's beauty and durability, it’s good to carry out maintenance once in a while. With a few simple tricks, you can keep your wood floors looking fresh and make cleaning easier. First off, we recommend always giving your floor a maintenance treatment as soon as you’ve laid it. You should repeat this process about once a year. You can also tell if your floor needs maintenance if it feels hard to clean or gets marked and scratched.

How to treat your wood floors

How you do maintain your wood floors depends on whether they have a lacquer or oil finish. If you’re unsure of this, you can always contact your retailer for more information.

Maintenance treatment of lacquered wood floors

Before you do any maintenance work, it’s important that your floors are clean. Vacuum any dust or dirt and wipe with Kährs Cleaner. If the floors are very dirty, you can use Kährs Remover. When the floors are clean and dry, use our lacquer refresher. There are products in our assortment for both high gloss and ultra-matted finishes.

Maintenance treatment of oiled wood floors

You must always treat oiled floors as soon as you’ve laid them with a product like Kährs Satin Oil. This gives the floor a protective membrane. When you treat oiled floors later, the process is the same as with lacquered floors, only with different products. Clean the floor with Kährs Cleaner then use Kährs Satin Oil. This product is also available for oiled wood floors with matte finishes.

There is more detailed information about how to treat wood floors in our maintenance guide.

Helpful tips to avoid wear on your wood floors

A wood floor is subject to the unavoidable wear of daily life in your home. Here are some helpful pointers on how to minimize wear and keep your wood floors looking fresh.

  • Place a door mat on both sides of all entrances to your home. This will keep out gravel and dirt that can scratch your floors
  • Sweep larger pieces of dirt before vacuuming or mopping to further avoid scratching
  • Use protective pads on all furniture that comes into direct contact with the floor. Choose soft pads made from materials like felt that won’t leave a mark
  • If you spill water on your wood floor, wipe it up immediately

Maintenance products for wood floors

Below is a selection of recommended maintenance products. If you’re looking for a specific product, you can find all maintenance products here.