Laying wood floors does something to a room. Wood is a living material and it can bring life to your rooms. Read more about wood flooring and all its design possibilities.


The versatile wood floor

There are many reasons to put wood floors in your house. Besides being a beautiful part of the interior decor, wood flooring is a green choice. It’s also very durable, easy to freshen up and the many design choices allow you to customize your rooms to your taste.

Wood gives you many options

Floors come in many different woods so there are a lot of variations to choose from. Each wood has its own grain pattern and colour palette. Together with all the surface and colour treatments available, there is a good chance you’ll find the floor to suits your needs. Because nature itself decides the wood's figuring, your floor will also be one of a kind.

Surface treatment of wood floors

At Kährs we have several methods of achieving unique floors. By brushing the floor we can highlight the wood's natural grain. If you want to enhance the natural colour, our innovative colouring methods make it possible. We can also give wood floors a genuine rustic look by smoking or hand scraping.

Lacquered wood floors

Wood flooring needs to look stunning, but also be able to withstand daily wear. That is why it is important that the surface treated. Lacquering makes the floor easy to clean and Kährs lacquered floors are available in both high gloss and ultra-matte finishes. Which one you choose depends on the qualities you want your wood floor to have. We use the thinnest lacquer on the market developed to retain the wood's unique look and lustre.

Oiled wood floors

Oil enhances the wood's structure, grain and figuring while highlighting its natural colour. Treating with oil also retains your floor’s natural look. Oiled wood needs a bit of easy maintenance every now and then to keep it looking good and to prolong its life.

Wood floors affect space

By laying wood floors on the length or width of a room, you can affect the perception of space. In general, 1 and 2-strip wood floors suit large rooms, while 3-strip is better for smaller ones. Larger strips make the room seem bigger, while smaller strips make it appear smaller. A wood floor with a lighter hue adds space, while a darker colour creates warmth but consumes light. However, the most important thing is to choose a floor you love, not follow a set of design rules.

Kährs wood flooring

Below is a selection of our many wood floors. You can find all our wood floors and view them in different settings in our floor guide.