Our lamella constructed wood floors are not only strong and stable, they also use raw materials more effectively so they have a lower environmental impact. 


The benefits of lamella wood floors

Lamella wood floors aren’t a new phenomenon. In 1941, Kährs patented the first modern factory-made lamella floor. At the end of World War II, there was a boom in both the economy and the housing market. With more people able to buy and build new homes, the demand for wood flooring increased – something many people considered a must in the finer rooms of their homes.

A lamella floor consists of several wood-based layers glued together. All Kährs lamella floors are constructed in three layers. The surface layer that you see and walk on every day is always made of solid wood. The other two layers make up the floor's foundation and the material of these layers varies depending on the manufacturer. Ours are made from pinewood and spruce. All the layers have a combined thickness of between 13 and 15 millimetres. You can lay the floors floating or glue them down.


A wooden floor is hygroscopic, which means it is living and moving. As a room's humidity changes, the floor swells, shrinks and moves. You might not think about it very often, but the humidity in your home varies a lot depending on the season. These fluctuations create extensive natural changes. If you’ve ever had a wooden chair that’s started to creak, it’s probably because of humidity changes.

These changes are what cause gaps to occur in solid wood flooring. The purpose of a lamella construction is to counteract wood's natural movement. By gluing different layers crossways, they never move in the same direction. Thanks to their construction, lamella floors are up to 75% more stable than solid wood floors.

Easy to sand

The thickness of a lamella wood floor differs between manufacturers. Like solid wood floors, you can sand a lamella wood floor up to four times, giving it a longer life.


Apart from a durable construction, lamella floors are also a sustainable choice. The construction uses valuable hardwood in a more effective way and the base layers often consist of more common or recycled woods like spruce or pinewood.

Lamella wood floors from Kährs

Below is a selection of wood floors with lamella construction from Kährs. You can view all our wood floors in our floor guide.