Get to know more about Kährs designer Petra and her vision of the design journey

To me, the heart will always be involved in the creation process when at its best. When I manage to capture that specific emotion and turn it into a flooring idea, it is the essence of what ‘creating with the heart’ means to me, and what I am really passionate about. It is my true wish that the product I have designed will carry some of that emotion into the room, into the home and speak to the people who live there.

“A new floor does not just occupy a space, it also narrates a story, a story that will be shaped through the different steps of life…."

To me, design is an open-minded and curious journey that can start off from just about anything – just as long as I stay open to my senses.

My absolute favourite way to kick-start the creative process is at “Torpet” (the Cottage) my getaway in the countryside. There in nature I am provided with visions of colour, materials and textures right outside my door. Of course, I visit exhibitions and find inspiration through a more interactive scene as well but it is in the tranquility of this space that I find the peace and focus to take it all in, to reflect, make my own conclusions and feed my creativity.

I spend hours in my workshop gathering ideas and inspiration used in my mood boards and experiments with colours, textures and formats to start off the initial stages of an idea.

When my idea has been approved and my colleagues in sales and product believe that it will meet the specified need in the market, then the transformation into viable products begins. We then begin a scaled-up version of the rough idea and start creating its technical properties, we program  the production equipment and explore options for the surface treatments. and look at the other possible nuances for the boards.

Kährs professionals in the development and production processes then take over, and use their skills to make sure the final product reflects that basic idea I started out with!