Continuing our tradition of applying our knowledge and passion for wood, to merge design with innovation, we can now introduce our new and very attractive wood designs and colours in an upgraded 5 mm Click Luxury Vinyl Tile.

Ensuring that there is a choice for every taste and interior design aesthetic, the new designs are presented in two collections; Hacienda and Ranch, which both show a variety of wood grading designs.

Product features include an integrated underlay for improved comfort, in combination with Kährs proven quality and durability. These collections are a continuation of Kährs history and heritage of supplying premium and quality flooring 'beyond your expectations'.

​Drawing upon the majestic countryside of the north- and southwest of the United States, and the beautiful horses that roam this land, we are introducing new beautiful colors and wood designs in the Hacienda and Ranch collections.​ The look and feel of these new boards have been elevated to the next level with syncrone embossing, a brand new style of grading in the wood design, a new colour pallete and an ultra-matt finish.​

Hacienda Collection​

Kährs Luxury Tiles Hacienda Collection offers four attractive designs, where the authentic-looking wood design has been further enhanced with synchronized embossing, replicating the texture and grain of real wood paired with the soft nuances in each design.​

The colours, in a light to greige-beige and natural oak spectrum are inspired by the beautiful luminescent sheen of a horse’s coat as reflected by the product names. This, in combination with a calm and clean wood design, which is reminiscent of the uniformly colored desert landscape found in the southwestern part of the United States.


swatches 1.jpg

Ranch Collection​

Kährs Luxury Tiles Ranch Collection presents a more rustic wood design in five natural oak colors. The rustic designs, with its knots and cracks emulating real wood, are reenforced by the synchronized embossing on each board. This replicates the texture of each knot and crack as well as the grain of the wood, for a natural high-quality wood look and feel.​​

This rustic design reflects the rugged and mountainous nature found in northwestern United States, combined with a variety of warm and soft colors depicting the warm to-the-touch soft coat of the wild horses roaming the land.


swatches 22.jpg


*Colour variations are allowed in the design, from light to dark representing the natural variations found in the original natural wood which this wood design represents and is based on. This variation also includes the design and placement of knots and cracks as depicted in the design of the floor, which is also a natural representation of the real wood which the design is based.


Finished with UV-cured laquer, giving excellent scratch resistance and seals the surface against stains, chemicals and dirt. It also gives the floor its ultra-matt authentic look, which is both durable and texturized with synchronized embossing creating the feel and look of real wood grain, knots and cracks.


A transparent layer that gives protection against wear and tear of the decorative layer (the color), such as very deep scratches, furniture legs moving across the floor surface and other repeated abrasion.​


This is where the design of the floor is created. This is a printed foil, where the color, knots, grains, and cracks emulate natural wood to create a design which is unique to these Kährs floor.​


This is the core of each board. The core material is mixed using various components, which allows us to refer to it as 'the rigid core' of Kährs LT SPC. It is in this layer that properties such as rigidness, stability, and susceptibility to low indentation are engrained into the floor. It is also where the click joint is created through profiling.

5. IXPE Sound backing

This layer includes sound reducing properties (dampens vibrations), walking comfort and also helps to even out small deviations on the subfloor.