The right flooring is one of the cornerstones of a beautiful home. It should look good, be comfortable to walk on and functional for daily use. Factors that can influence your choice include appearance, feel, colour, space and care. We offer a broad assortment of vinyl floors to suit all tastes and interiors, with all the durability and advantages of modern flooring technology.

The right floor for the right room

Floor, walls and ceiling. Three elements that give a room its feel. It’s also the play between these elements that can influence how we experience a room, with different colours, patterns and light. The base is the floor, providing weight and character. But your floor should also interact with your furniture and other features, so consider the entire room when choosing. Our vinyl floors come in a large selection of looks so you can find the one that fits all aspects of your room.

Start with a solid foundation

A vinyl floor is much more than something you walk on. Look at it as the foundation of your home, which must work with all other details you add to it. Since your floor’s appearance is more permanent than the colour of the walls or ceiling, you should choose a vinyl floor that functions as a base for all furnishings. Our Luxury Tiles series features vinyl floors in a variety of styles of imitation wood and stone; light, dark, lively, calming and everything in between. You’re sure to find something that feels just right for your home


Which colour of vinyl floor should I choose?

The colour of a vinyl floor can have a strong impact on how a room feels. For example, a dark floor absorbs a lot of light, giving the room a warm feel. A bright vinyl floor reflects light, which can make the room seem bigger.


In what direction should I lay my vinyl floor?

Consider lighting – the direction of sunlight, window size and indoor lighting are all factors influencing the impression a floor gives. One tip is to lay the floor longitudinally against the sunlight that comes from, for example, a large window. You may also choose to lay your vinyl floor in a different way to highlight other qualities in a room.


Which vinyl floor suits my room?

Different rooms are used in different ways. Think about how much you walk around your kitchen or how your children play in their rooms. All our vinyl floors have a tough core of vinyl for stability and sound damping, combined with an extremely wear-resistant and easily cleaned ceramic surface. This makes them a fantastic choice for any and all rooms, barring bath or shower rooms, which require special moisture-proofing.


Which vinyl floor suits the size of my room?

The breadth and length of a vinyl floor’s design influence how big a room feels. Our Luxury Tiles series includes both classic straight patterns and modern designs with stone and wood motifs. A general rule is to use smaller patterns in smaller rooms and larger patterns in larger rooms. But each rule has its exceptions, so always choose what feels right for your room.


Which vinyl floor design should I choose?

One of the best things about vinyl floors is the impressive variety of stiles to choose from – all with the same great qualities. This means you never need to worry about a design influencing where the floor can be laid. The only thing to consider is creating the harmony you desire. We offer both clean and more rustic vinyl floors with the appearance of wood or stone. See how they all look in our floor guide.


Can I mix and match different vinyl floors?

Our many design choices mean you can mix and match however you like for interesting creations that suit your tastes. Choosing different floors that match is a simple way to create both harmony and variation in your home. 


How do I care for my vinyl floor?

All our vinyl floors are made to withstand all the trials of daily life. The wear-resistant surface protects against both nicks and scratches, is water tight and prevents stains from, for example, food spills. Just make sure you clean it – which is incredibly easy – so you’ll maintain a beautiful and practical floor for many years.