The combination of wood, steel, sky and sea creates a sense of being on a boat.


A three-storey ultra modern town house

Among old town houses and cobbled streets, you will  find a home that stands out radically; a three-storey ultra modern town house. It shines starkly and brightly white against a backdrop of old and colourful buildings. The open plan design of the house and the amazing light that appears to come from every corner creates a surprising sense of space in this petite house and adds to the attraction of a home that is anything but conventional and bland.

A natural base consisting of grey wood floors

The interior is characterised by strictly graphical and minimalistic shapes, but spiced up with lively shots of colour in green and yellow. Everything rests on a harmonious, natural base consisting of grey wood floors. From the dining area it's just a few steps to the small atrium, which also leads to the home office. Bamboo and olive trees thrive in the small and sheltered area.

On the inside, the house features an open-plan solution between the three floors. The light shines through the house and the sky is close – especially from the rooftop terrace, which offers a fantastic view of the city. The combination of modern, strict architecture, the staircase with its bannister in white steel and the wood floors throughout the house creates a pleasant feeling of being on a boat.


Floors with a weathered feel