Set in the lush Danish countryside, this house is a modern twist on local traditional farmhouses. It is also a perfect showcase of balancing rustic style with modern liveability and comfort.


Farmhouse meets industrial style

Floors, ceiling and beams in warm brown wood combined with soft textiles in muted colours and a few shiny objects enhance the style. Ready to cosy up?

Farmhouse meets industrial style in this chic open space country house, where the owners looked to the surrounding landscape for inspiration when designing their dream home. Reclaimed wood has been used for the ceiling and beams, perfectly matched by warm, brown wood floors to create a rustic backdrop. Meanwhile, the muted greys and blues chosen for furniture and textiles add a touch of sophistication.

The house balances perfectly between the rustic and the modern, offering a striking, yet tranquil contrast between old and new, design and antique objects. Lovely views of the rural surroundings through big mullion windows increase the sense of serenity.

Brown wood floors

Nothing can create instant warmth quite like a brown wood floor. The rich, earthy tones of amber and coffee create a perfect backdrop for both traditional and contemporary interiors, providing an authentic aged look. Our brown floors come in a range of rich shades, various designs and surface treatments.

Floors chosen for this home:

Hall, living room and kitchen: Oak Maggiore. This single-strip stained oak floor features extra long and wide boards with pronounced lines and cracks, combined with knots, unique markings, and swirls. The boards are brushed, hand-scraped, oiled, and have a smoked finish. Medium brown tones appear alongside coffee hues and honey highlights. The result is a stunning and extremely rustic floor.

Corridor: Oak Husk. Tawny shades are interspersed with pronounced, charred-brown knots in this single-strip oak floor. Each board is carefully brushed to bring out the character of the grain and highlight the natural texture of the wood. Hand-scraping enhances the worn appearance of the floor.

Bedrooms: Oak Indietro. This smoked and brushed 3-strip floor features an intentional colour variation in the boards, ranging from bleached blonde to rich carob hues to create a reclaimed and weathered look. Together with the knots and cracks this results in a beautifully aged expression. 42 Kährs Design Stories