The interior design is very personal and reflects the owner’s passion for mixing modern art with African art and culture.


Right in the heart of the bohemian quarter of Clichy in Paris

At the entrance to the building dating from 1902, in Clichy in north Paris, visitors are greeted by the sight of a magnificent staircase and equally magnificent iron lift with creaky sliding doors. Inside the apartment on the top floor, the charming French impression is reinforced by the arched doorways, stucco and typical French balconies with stunning views over the rooftop skyline.

The apartment, with its expansive and airy floor areas and high ceilings, is right in the heart of the bohemian quarter of Clichy in Paris. The beautifully ornamented open fireplace in the living room, together with the stucco, the French balconies and walls in grey and warm earth tones create a warm and personal home that oozes Parisian charm. 

Old and new

In the spacious, open floor areas in the vestibule, living room and dining room, the Dutch pattern oak floor forms an elegant base for furniture and other fixtures and fittings. The renovated and modernised kitchen and bedrooms have traditional plank flooring. The artistically inclined apartment owner, a lover of African and ethnic art, likes to mix the old and new and different styles together. Classic furniture in hardwood is combined with both modern and 1950s furniture, which helps create a charming and stylish ambience.