Wood floors in shades of misty, cloudy white create an immediate sense of tranquility to any interior. Our range includes floors featuring different designs, from 1-strip to 3-strip, and with different surface treatments, from oiled to lacquered.


A Californian seaside home

Uninterrupted sea views, brilliant light and a scenic landscape built on sand dunes sets the tone of this Californian seaside home. The strong presence of the elements have inspired the owners when decorating the interior, which is based on a natural palette of soft white and grey tones, combined with rustic wood details. Throughout the house, white floors have been used to add to the sense of space and infinity.

Seamless openness

The airy kitchen/dining area oozes calm, carefree seaside living, with the brilliant white of the walls contrasted with a few rustic elements. The overall impression is that of seamless openness, enhanced by the soft, white wood floor. Layers of white are punctuated with the textures of wood in all its forms from windworn and weathered, honed and handcrafted to more finely finished. Woven grass and rattan furnishings animate the blank canvas.

The view from the sitting area is spectacular. The white froth from the sea is reflected in the soft, white wood floor, blurring the borders between inside and out. A mostly neutral palette was used against focal pieces such as the wicker bucket chairs, while cushions and sheepskin throws add subtle contrasts and warmth to the area. Stack doors allow the house to open up completely to the view and create seamlessness. It also allows for easy entertaining, even on windy days.

Floors chosen for this home:

Living room: Oak Oyster. This is a rustic, hand scraped and oiled single-strip oak floor, featuring boards with large knots and cracks. Together with the white stain it creates a lively, yet soft impression.

Dining area: Oak Manor. The powdery white stain on this single-strip oak floor softens its rustic expression and allows the blonde tones of the wood to come through. Each board is meticulously hand-scraped, which enhances the worn appearance of the floor.

Kitchen: Oak Lace. The stain and soft contrast on this single-strip, white oak floor results in a characterful expression. Each board is carefully brushed to bring out the character of the grain, knots and cracks and highlights the natural texture of the wood.

Hall + bedroom: Oak Shell. The powder white finish with soft contrast on this 3-strip oak floor allows the warmer nuances to come through, accentuated through careful brushing. The matt lacquer finish eliminates glare while protecting the wood from daily wear.